Lions, be on the Green!

Though for trade description purposes, there were no actual lions on the Green, (not this time, it’s not 1980) if I had to sum up The Lions on the Green in a word today it would be; blooming marvellous, which I know is two words, but allow me thus, the heat is getting to me.

Under a scorching 30-degree sun, Devizes came out in full colour for something we’ve truly missed. Any kind of gathering right now is a blessing, but I have to commend and thank the amazing effort at creating a bonza family-orientated occasion. Devizes Lions pulled out all the stops with a car show plus.

Fantasy Radio provided the soundtrack, there was a great selection of hot food and a bar with seating half in the shade of the trees, doughnut and ice cream vans, kids fairground rides, and a variety of stalls from Julia’s House tombola, Jeanette Von Berg’s Wiltshire Air Ambulance toy stall, local crafts, Rutts Lane Cider (I swear that guy is following me around!) Wiltshire Museum with their jack-in-the-box, and lots more to see and do for everyone.

People flocked, to browse the vintage cars, and oh yes, Bertie the Bus, in the glorious sunshine. I’m not one for bragging my infinite knowledge of the mechanics of motor vehicles, but I appreciate perusing their splendour, imagine myself donning leather gloves and racing goggles, and revving them for a burn-out, or pondering the backseat space of, in particular, those American beauties; “take me home, Charles, I’m not that kind of girl!” Ah yes, that kind of ye oldie face-slapping scenario.

In true community spirit Devizes should be honoured today, and glad to have the dedicated organisation Devizes Lions at hand. A town where even our post boxes wear knitted tams, there’s a buzz in the air, a pride we can’t hide. Well done to all!


3 thoughts on “Lions, be on the Green!”

  1. Thanks from the Lions for the great write-up and pictures. You have it spot on. It was fantastic to create an event that would let local people get out for a change and enjoy something new. Thanks go to the Lions members and friends that made it happen (and especially Lion Roger Stratton who dreamed the whole thing up in the depths of lockdown!), to TV and film stars Clive Mantle and his wife Carla Mendoca who opened the show, to our sponsors who made much possible, to the car owners and stallholders, and especially the visitors who uninvited gave to Lions funds so we can continue our charitable work locally. Thank you one and all. Jerry King, Devizes Lions Club President 2020-2021

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    1. Indeed, thank you, Jerry. It had an altogether “village fete” community feel about it, which was wonderful.

      Whatever I can help the Lions with for future events and fundraising efforts, do let me know.


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