Breaking; Devizes Mayor Goes to the Loo!

Cue a quite deliberate, massively deceiving, tabloid-fashioned headline, Devizes Mayor Chris Gay visited the town’s superloos today, but not because she was cut short!

Staff at our spotless, award-winning public Superloo were thanked by the Mayor this morning, for their ongoing hard work and efforts in maintaining the convenience.

Proudly, last month the superloo was recognised as ‘Washroom Cleaner of the Year,’ and also won the platinum ‘Loo of the Year Award’ 2022. And there was me thinking loos didn’t win awards, least they usually don’t make acceptance speeches…. along the lines of “I’d like to thank all the bottoms I’ve supported over the past year, etc…”

Okay, now I confess, I’m taking the…yes, did you expect anything more from my scatalogical sense of humour? If I see an opportunity for toilet humour on a slow news week, I go for it.

But it is a fantastic place to spend a penny, I’m writing this in there right now, which though I’d like to review, the job’s not complete until the paperwork is done.

Seriously though, because I occasionally do serious, Devizine congratulates the staff at the Devizes superloo, which is called thus, I believe, because it’s good enough for Superman to change in! And if it’s good enough for Superman, it’s good enough for me.

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