Song of the Day 44: Sienna Wileman

Never assume a father posting their daughter’s song on the ol’ book of face is motivated purely by parental pride, and you’ll need to bite lip and humour them.

Learned this lesson once before, when a fellow cartoonist friend, Des, did so, and his daughter, Emma Langford was shortly after awarded the RTÉ Radio 1 Folk Award for Best Emerging Artist in 2018, shortlisted in the category of Best Folk Singer two years later, and was the first person to be awarded The Dolores O’Riordan Music Bursary Award by Limerick County Council!

Besides, this time around the Dad is Swindon’s renowned musican Richard Wileman of Karda Estra, so I expected sonething rather special, but this still knocked me for six.

Sienna Wileman’s accomplished and beautiful single “Petals,” released today is as a chip off the old block as Ziggy Marley is to Bob. Yet through her father’s trademark enchanted ambience there’s also a sense of youthful freshness about it, the accompanying video assists.

It is, in short, a little piece of wonderful, and you can buy/stream it here:


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