The Dirty Smooth at Black Jack City

A new rocking power-punch from Malmesbury, Minety and Cirencester based The Dirty Smooth…

As an Eastender who spent most of his adult life in Essex, my dad had exceptional directional sense, once recalling roads in Germany he travelled on a school trip decades later, but put him in Kent and, for some reason, he was lost. Since I’m an Essex boy living in Wiltshire all my adult life, seems I’ve replaced Kent for Gloucestershire. You only need to get me near the border, north of Chippenham, west of Wotton Bassett, and I’ve completely lost my bearings; I’m fuzzy on the Fossway, air-brained by the Air Balloon Roundabout.

I wonder if it’s this, or simply our county’s market town live music circuits appear insular at times, that, other than agricultural hip hopper Corky, and Minety Music Festival, a venerable annual event honouring local music, about exhausts my knowledge on the subject; but one thing I do know about music in that area is, The Dirty Smooth rock, absolutely.

This slick, groove-pop-rock four-piece blew my mind with the single Seed to the Spark, a few years ago. A power-pop punch with rhythmic grooves and robust vocal hooks, the type, with its subtle balance of male to female vocals, makes one think someone slapped Deacon Blue in the chops and threatened, “now give us something that really rocks!”

Tomorrow, March 11th, sees them release a new single, Black Jack City, of which I was expecting something along similar lines, which would be no bad thing. But it has a rockier edge, retrospective of soft metal moments, aching of Guns & Roses, yet sounding as fresh and exciting as the previous tune.

A three-minute explosion of drums and guitar driving blues-rock, with added harmonica, apt for impending spring, windows wound down and hitting the road. If this pounder is Paradise City reborn, it comes up for air just once, for a “Whoa!” break, and then just keeps giving.

It’s Road House in tune, air-kickingly optimistic and titillating. Immediately anthemic, this teaser track from an upcoming album, Running From the Radar, is a tune which drip-dries you to crave more, one reason why The Dirty Smooth are no strangers to the festival circuit, helping set up aforementioned Minety festival, which was shortlisted at the UK Festival Awards for Best New Festival category.

Their debut EP Rise awarded them with sell-out local shows and radio interviews, this truly expands their horizons, and coupled with upcoming North Wiltshire acts, such as Swindon-based Talk in Code, and SexJazz, there’s a real feel-good factored revitalisation for punchy pop-rock, something we must invite further south of the county, judging on the merit of Black Jack City alone.

Pre-save it on Spotify, or go to a link tree here, and wait to rock out!


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