Crammer Watch Postcards; We Need Your Help

Next time you’re in Devizes town centre look out for the postcards in various shops and pubs. They’re not a wish you were here, more so a wish you can help, with updating the historic landmark which is the Crammer……….

All we need you to do is add your postcode, no names or contact details are needed, to the postcard, a petition, if you will, to send to Devizes Town Council expressing your wish that the Crammer needs bringing into the 21st century, it needs biodiversity. Since the van fire spilt contamination into the town’s pond at the beginning of the year, it has been realised it needs a few basic improvements to make it safe and effective for the wildlife living there.

A Facebook page, Crammer Watch (do please click here to like it) was set up to highlight the issue and gather support, the postcards, we hope, will emphasis the interest by local people and have some sway in convincing Devizes Town Council to act as a matter of urgency.

So, if you feel the Crammer isn’t as it used to be and you miss the wildlife that has vanished of late, please consider adding your postcode to these postcards. When full the postcards will be handed to Devizes Town Council to illustrate wide-ranging support for a good quality wildlife habitat and a showcase for Devizes.

There are two main issues detected which need improving, pipes flow into the Crammer directly from the road, polluting it and making in dangerous for wildlife, this should be redirected and a freshwater solution implemented. The second is what Swan Support informed us of when they rescued the poor swans drenched in oil spillage; they need a natural food source, having relied on handouts for so long the swans which were there had become reliable on them.

We accept what we are asking Devizes Town Council is a costly operation, and we’re not expecting miracles overnight, just the assurance the matter is still on the agenda. As Brian, heading the campaign says, “we need a positive action plan, with proper expertise assessment and a management strategy to deal with issue.”

The postcards are already filling up, please consider adding your postcode to them. They can be found at these outlets below, and thank you to everyone for showing your support.

The British Lion

9 Estcourt Street, Devizes SN10 1LQ

The Bell by The Green

Estcourt Street Devizes SN10 1LQ

 Light & Sound

2 Sidmouth St, Devizes SN10 1LF

The Barber Shop

24 Sidmouth Street Devizes SN10 1LD


11 Sidmouth St, Devizes SN10 1LD

Devizes Books

HANDEL HOUSE, Sidmouth St, Devizes SN10 1LD


16 Maryport St, Devizes SN10 1AH

White Chalk Gallery

8 Old Swan Yard, Devizes SN10 1AT

Estcourt Vets

5 Estcourt St, Devizes SN10 1LQ


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