A (hic) Festival of Winter Ales

Call them Ale

Proper quality celebratory glasses here y’ know, no squashy disposable cups; something of a memento. There are flowers in a jar on the table, aroma of hot pie, and a bulky fellow juggling knifes, while straddling our own Ian Diddams while he lies flat on his back on stage. If your preconception of a beer festival is a marquee in a muddy field, think again, this is the prestigious Devizes Corn Exchange and DOCA, our Outside Celebratory Arts association, are holding their annual Festival of Winter Ales in conjunction with the Stealth Brewery Company.

Splat the Rat

I’ll come clean, I’m breaking my Festival of Winter Ales cherry tonight, and I’m also fashionably late. Friday night was a sell-out, I’m informed, today is near equal in success, but I’d better hurry on in, the beers were running out. Another confession, I be a cider drinker, part of my five a day. Our man Andy cannot report, he’s here in a professional capacity, tending the bar, least lengthy set of tables. I would have kept him on his toes, but he’s attending to the ale end of things, I’m occupying the cider corner. A rhubarb laced cider is my first glassful, despite the event’s name, there’s ciders aplenty, but the choice of ale was extensive and over the whole weekend you could possibly, but unlikely to, pursue them all.

Vince Bell

With a customary token system functioning, and barrels aligning the length of the grand hall, there’s part of this event which reflects the standard beer festival format, in a grand fashion. Yet it has a civilised angle, prementioned flowers on tables, etc and surrounding the magnificent stage as if it was an awards evening rather than a beer festival. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a complaint but a compliment, twas a splendid arrangement for a splendid evening; no one need a muddy field in a rain drenched February, save perhaps the odd duck.

Matt Barnard

If I’m honest, which you know I blatantly am, I’m not surprised by the impressive event, Stealth knows good beer, and DOCA know what they’re doing and could arrange a party on a glacier off Antarctica and it’d still be awesome. Winter beanies off to them both, for this inviting and warming occasion which is, essentially, an important fundraising event which will help fund the carnival and massive summer events such as the beloved annual street festival.

It’s Complicated

Through the three sessions over two days, our best local bands and musicians played, the wonderful It’s Complicated, Splat the Rat and Vince Bell. I was there in time to catch the finale of Matt Barnard, who has amused as compere, and all-round entertainer through the festival. He’s a confident, comical and cheery chap with that unique Saturday Night at the Palladium ability to cover all aspects of showbiz proficiently. Kris Dollimore followed, with an extensive résumé, this member of Del Amitri drove from Cornwall to pick a guitar akin to an illusionist vanishing the Eifel Tower. I pay particular astonishment to his beautiful rendition of Marvin Gaye’s Inner-City Blues.

Kris Dollimore

What a most splendid event, one worthy of your attention for next year, and priced at a tenner with first pint free in your keepsake glass, you cannot go wrong.


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PREVIEW – Melksham Craft Beer & Cider Festival @ Rachel Fowler Centre, Melksham – Friday 4th & Saturday 5th October 2019

Andy Fawthrop

Whilst it’s not strictly in Devizes, it’s an easy enough bus-ride away to The Sham to merit a mention in your esteemed entertainment guide. (Quite the contrary, we cover the Sham too Andy; Ed!)

If you like music, beer (and/ or cider) and pizza, then you need to get yourself across to The Sham on either Friday or Saturday and fill your boots. Featuring a range of craft ales on cask and keg (including a cinder toffee stout, a tea-spiced pale ale a peach milkshake IPA amongst several others), several types of craft cider, Ian Timbers’ Pop-up Pizza Station (as regularly featured at The Hiding Place in Melksham) and live acoustic music – what’s not to like?

Sessions are:
• Friday evening 4pm till 10pm
• Saturday afternoon 11am to 4.30pm
• Saturday evening 5pm to 10pm

Image by Gail Foster

For music fans, Friday evening’s session will feature the blues pocket-rocket that is Ian O’Regan (recently featured in one of the Sunday Sessions at The White Bear), and the Saturday evening session will feature the talented and ubiquitous George Wilding.


Between sets, and on the Saturday afternoon session, it’ll be just background music.
The event is presented by Stealth Brew Co, your friendly local brewery, based in Melksham. Entry is by e-ticket only. Tickets are £8.50 per session, which includes a glass to take away and tokens for your first pint. www.stealthbrew.co/beer-festival


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